Little Crushers is a developmental program Crush Volleyball has built to introduce volleyball skills to grades K-2 and to hone the skills of the young athlete grades 3-12.

We understand that every individual develops skills at their own pace. We recognize the need to adjust sessions so that everyone is learning and growing. We feel it best to continue to motivate players by positive reinforcement, repetitive tasks and awarding them for a job well done.

Little Crushers has two levels: Camps and Training Team

Little Crushers Camps are run as a 9 weeks program that breaks down each skill in a small group environment to give your athlete the opportunity to grow their skills and practice all basic fundamentals of the sport. Players are evaluated week one and sometimes into week two. They are then moved into groups that are more along their level of play and are taught at their pace. The first 8 weeks are purely fundamentals and understanding the game. The 9th week, Little Crushers finishes with game play where they put the skills they have learned to the test.

Little Crushers Training Team is for players who aren’t ready for club, or do not want to play competitive travel volleyball. This program runs from January – May where your athlete will work on fundamentals; improving their skills and gameplay. They will practice twice a week and attend performance training once a week to keep them ready for any level of volleyball competition. This is an intense level of volleyball training and is open to players ages 10-18. From January to May, we will train the players in all aspects of the game while monitoring their ability to grow. Your daughter will have the ability to attend Performance Training throughout the season but it is not mandatory. Please follow the link to our fees page to learn more about cost and payment schedule Fees Page

Both of our Little Crushers programs are coached by our tenured and well respected USAV Certified coaches. Every coach within Crush Volleyball Club has a background in volleyball whether it be coaching, playing or both. In addition CRUSH only employs quality coaches who have proven they are disciplined in their coaching as well as their personal lives. Many of our coaches have been with CRUSH in some capacity since we began our expansion and bring extensive knowledge to our athletes. Coaches should be role models on and off the court and we pride ourselves in choosing those who can build stability, grow knowledge and practice excellence at the team and player level. We are a relatively young club with this being our 10th year in existence however that has not stopped us from delivering results. In 2011, we had our first group of seniors with all 5 wanting to play at the collegiate level. With this being our first recruiting class we worked hard to get them signed and scholarships to the schools of their choice. IT WAS SUCCESS!!! In 2012, we only had 2 seniors on our 18s team and they too were signed to play at the collegiate level. Each year thereafter, any player wanting to play at the collegiate level, Crush helped them realize their dream. The future of every Crush player is backed by a knowledgeable, disciplined coaching staff driven to provide excellence to every athlete Crush develops.

Little Crushers is held at our facility.

Players should come prepared with sealed water bottles and lids that close tightly; knee pads; appropriate shoes, spandex or comfortable shorts and a go get ‘em attitude!

For additional information please contact Clara England at