Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What night are practices and how often?

A: Each team will given their practice schedule before the start of the season to allow for planning. If there is a night you cannot practice, please get with your coach immediately and we will try and work something out. While we try to accommodate everyone, it is not always possible. Most teams will practice twice a week for 2 hours each, plus a required day at Performance Training and weekly clinics on Sunday. Our younger teams will practice 3 hours a week at an hour and a half each day plus a required session of Performance Training. Our Performance Training is in house and run by the Griffin Elite Training  Staff.!the-elite-team/clqi

Q: What, if any, is the penalty for missing practice?

A: The Club expects each player to attend every practice and event their team has scheduled, however, we understand that emergencies come up and players cannot make certain events. It is requested by the club that if you miss a practice or performance training that you get with your coach to schedule a make-up. If you do not schedule a make-up day, you will be penalized by loss of play at future tournaments. If it becomes a constant issue for any individual player, the consequences are given out by the Coach of the players’ team. If the situation warrants, the consequences could include removal without refund from the Club. (Please see the Crush Handbook for more details)

Q: How many tournaments will each team have and where are they held?

A: At the time the players get together with their coaches about practice days and times, they also discuss tournaments. Each team has a budget set prior to the season, which can be adjusted UPWARD if parents agree, but the majority will have 8 or more DAYS of tournament play. Most of our tournament play will take place in Louisville, Indianapolis and Dayton; however some teams will travel to Chicago, Florida, Tennessee and other parts of Illinois, and possibly Columbus or Cleveland.

Q: What do fees cover?

A: USAV/Pioneer Registration; Uniforms, Coaching Salary, Court Rental and/or usage fees; Equipment Usage and Replacement; Coaches Background Checks; Insurance; Crush Administrative Fees; Coaches Mileage, Food and Lodging(***Players/Family travel expenses are NOT included nor are NATIONAL TOURNAMENT entry fees or Coaches travel expenses to and from Nationals); Tournament Entry Fees.

Q: What else do I pay?

A: See fees page.

Q: Are clinics free?

A: Clinics throughout the season are FREE, once the season ends there will be a charge for the clinics Crush hosts. We only charge the fee as a way to pay the coaches and the court costs associated with the event. We as a Club do not carry a reserve to pay for this from year to year. We do that to keep fees low.

Q: How much are my fees?

A: Fees vary by team. See the Fees page for up to date information. They may be changed if circumstances warrant. i.e adding tournaments, or additional days of practice.

Q: Who are your coaches and are they certified?

A: All USAV coaches are required to be certified. If a coach is new to us and has not coached within the last few years and does meet the certification requirements, we put them through the proper course for certification before the season starts. In addition, all new coaches are a hired as a court coach their first year. Court coaches are training by our head coaches and float from team to team throughout the season learning from each of our coaches. See our coaches pages for complete biographies.

Q: How are travel arrangements made for tournaments?

A: Each team has a team parent either chosen by the coach or a parent volunteers that schedules hotels for your team and coaches. The team parent will contact the hotel, make the group block reservation and send the reservation information to the team. You will then contact the number you are given, give them the proper code and you will receive the group rate. DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS ELSEWHERE as it is in fact frowned upon, for parents to make their own hotel arrangements away from the rest of the team. The reason for this is to make sure the teams are staying together at the same hotel with the coaches. We do not get kickbacks from the hotels we use, but your team parent, goes out of her way to get the best price FOR EVERYONE. If you require special reservations, please contact your team parent and coach all requests will be taken into consideration.

Q: Are fundraisers offered?

A: Beth Hedges is our fundraising chair team for individuals to raise money that will be applied to their overall fees. She is always looking for new ideas. The club also holds fundraisers to raise money for our scholarship fund. From time to time we will ask parents for assistance with these in order to make them successful. If you have ideas please go to our board member page and send a message to Beth at

Q: When does the club volleyball season end?

A: For most teams the season will end in May, but for some it will extend into late June.

Q: How are teams formed?

A: Teams are composed through tryouts and scouting. Most of our 15U-18U teams are scouted throughout the high school season and individual offers are made to those we want to be part of those teams. We base this on which positions we need and work from there. Parents can reach out to us during the season or before to ask us to watch their daughters play in hopes that we make them an offer. All of our younger teams are compiled through holding tryouts and coaches watching agility, ability and attitude. Please see our Little Crushers Page for more information on our developmental program for younger athletes and athletes who do not wish to travel. Little Crushers is offered for players who want to hone their skills in the off season and either cannot afford to travel or do not wish to.

Q: Do all players play equally?

A: All players do not play equally for one reason or another. For the most part each team has players that are ‘position specific’ in which they play that position and only that position and are then rotated out when they reach back row or vice versa. Play time is NOT GUARANTEED and is not negotiable. They may not play as much as others due to lack of commitment or ability. These are things that should be discussed with your player and if issues arise, schedule a time to talk to the Coach to discuss your daughter’s progress in regards to her season. For more information, see the Hanbook.

Q: How do I determine what age group my daughter is in?

A: See the current age definition page on the Pioneer Region site.

Q: Can my daughter play other sports?

A: While the Club prides itself on allowing players have that 2 sport experience, sometimes it is not always possible. We try to accommodate every schedule, but the older they get the harder it becomes as their schedules for both become more rigorous and players tend to choose between one or the other. At the younger ages it is very feasible to allow it to happen, but the commitment no matter the age needs to be there for us to accommodate the player in any we can.

Q: Do most players stay with the same club throughout their career and why?

A: All clubs have the hopes of carrying all their players from 8U to 18U. As the players get older the competition becomes more intense and players sometimes are moved to different levels of play. This could cause them to move to another club to get the level of team they want. We have had several players play for us for four seasons and have come back to coach for us. This is our hope for all players as Crush is, after all, a large family.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of club volleyball and should my daughter play?

A: Choosing a volleyball club is a difficult decision. It is a serious commitment in both time and money. Aside from the obvious benefits of learning and improving volleyball skills and playing the game; club ball provides a broad educational experience. It enhances athletic, social, and leadership skills. One of the best ancillary benefits of club volleyball is making new friends from new schools and new places. Since players regularly officiate matches when they are not playing, leadership skills and knowledge of the game are also enhanced. Many players from various clubs have gone on to be very successful college players, some are on full scholarships. Some have gone on to coach high school or college or returned to coach club volleyball. Some teams will play tournaments only in town; other teams will travel to various tournaments throughout the country. While there is no guarantee your daughter will be seen by a college coach, there is a much better chance they will be seen if they play club volleyball. Since the high school season generally coincides with the college season, the heavier recruiting time is after the high school season during the club season. A majority of college coaches search for prospective players at Junior Olympic tournaments. Events such as regional tournaments, national qualifiers and the Junior Olympic Volleyball Championships attract the most college coaches. There are typically less players on a club team than you will see on a high school team. This provides your daughter with more time and attention from their coach so that their skill set is improved by season end. Where a club cannot guarantee improvement, a lot of that lies on the players’ shoulders in their commitment, drive and attitude.